photo by Nino Mondhe

Gosha Nagashima
Studio of Fine Art

Artist Statement

I am a painter, print maker, ceramist and I paint on glass, silk and porcelain.

I am moved by all.
Tenderness in the city, sound, the silver leaf broken by time.
My work is a painted record of my questions, longings,
disillusionments and compassion.
I touch the time and time touches my work.
I look and learn.

I love going for a walk, taking photos or being photographed by Nino Mondhe,
a dear friend whose work fascinates me,
looking at cookery books, listening to music.
I love Miyuki Nakajima… forever! Leonard Cohen, Ewa Demarczyk, Nick Cave…
I melt when I hear Maria Callas in “Norma”, feel at home with the paintings of
Munakata Shiko, poetry of Shuntaro Tanikawa,
watching a good movie… My favourite actress is Marlene Dietrich,
my favourite film is “Der Himmel über Berlin” by Wim Wenders.
I admire the honest work of a friend, movie director Peter Sempel,
and love the way he brings film and music together in unexpected ways.

I relax by growing herbs, watching my cat sleeping.

What is important to me is vision and unity, tension of life as an
eternal quality of our ambivalence, unconditional mind, care, trust.
I think we are most sexy when we are ourselves,
when we feel passion for life, for nature.
We are most attractive when we are not just looking inward
but caring about those around us.

I don’t like people who are selfish, who abuse others verbally or physically,
those who are nationalistic, ego-centric, homophobic.

I am lucky, in my life I met many true people, simple souls with open minds, friends with whom I can exchange thoughts, or be with in a silent mind.

My son Toshi, all in one… is the greatest art I ever created.

Every encounter might change our life – I wish us a meaningful encounter.

Nice to meet you