Small Goshaglass

Exquisite candle-lights that combine beauty with function
size approximately h 6 cm x w 7 cm 

I am influenced by Nature in all its seasons and my series of glasses reflect the infinite changes witnessed throughout each and every moment of life; thus there will always be a series of delicate designs in the shades of spring; summer, rich reds, violet and golds as the year draws to an end.

Some of my collectors have more than a hundred different glasses just in shades of white or delicate pink; others are in love with orange, green or blue glasses; some prefer a kaleidoscope of colours.

I love them all …

This photo I made for Peter & Minka Stütz, Keitum on Sylt, Germany. My work has been on permanent display at Hüs bi Hüs since 2001 till today.


I create glasses with Japanese Calligraphy in all four sizes.
I love reading and writing Japanese poems. Some are from ancient times, some
modern, some are written by my son, Toshi.
I choose poems that are reflections of our emotions and longings…

My Wildlife series of glasses proved to be popular with collectors who love the countryside, and will also strike a chord in most of our childhood memories…
Of course if you have a favourite animal, then I am happy to create a series of glasses
especially for you.